Why are we called The Yoghurt Capsule?

Over 28 years ago, when we first developed The Yoghurt Capsule, probiotics and “digestive/gut” health were things unheard of in New Zealand.

When it came to naming the product, because it contain a small amount of yoghurt powder and the essential “good” bacteria, we decided to call it The Yoghurt Capsule as we thought it described it well.

Several years later, we remove the yoghurt powder but keep the same “good” bacteria inside. But, when it came to the name, we decided to keep it as The Yoghurt Capsule because we had built up a history and reputation of a product that actually worked (as our many customers can attest to).

We are

99.9% dairy free
100% lactose free
100% gluten free
100% natural

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