What Are Prebiotics


Chocory Vegetable Fibre & Fructo – Oligosaccharide. “PREBIOTICS”

Prebiotics are a food ingredient that we as humans are not capable of digesting.

Prebiotics nourish the “good bugs” and promote their growth and survival. Keeping the “good” bacteria healthy and well fed has beneficial effects, namely, encouraging the existing healthy bacteria to multiply so that they can over power the “bad” disease-promoting, harmful bacteria strains.

Probiotics & Prebiotic formulas are continuing to prove very popular. This is mainly because there is ample medical evidence they promote good health. Not only do they help us digest our food, they may also help reduce the severity of food poisoning and reduce effects of food intolerance.

Both fibre and prebiotics are typically non-digestible carbohydrates, and both are typically fermented by gut bacteria. However, a prebiotic differs from fibre in that it needs to be selectively used in the gut by only beneficial members of the gut microbial community.

Historically, prebiotics are tied more closely to the probiotic concept than the fibre one. But some manufacturers refer to prebiotics as fibre, because the latter is more familiar to consumers.

Why, then, is it good for your health to increase the number of these bacteria and feed them with prebiotics to keep them happy?

Because good bacteria:

1. Overpower bad disease – causing bacteria.

2. Help boost the body’s immune system.

3. Help the body absorb vitamins and minerals, and increase the body’s internal production of B vitamins.

4. May help bone health by increasing the absorption of calcium and the ability of the bones to absorb calcium.

Unless there is a rare and specific reason as to why an individual should not usr priobotic and prebiotic formulas, it is strongly recommended that we all include them in our daily nutrition in order to ameliorate a range of nutritional and health disorders and to merely promote general good health and well being.

Some sources estimate 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive system. But the problem is while the colon is a sewerage system, if we neglect and abuse it, it ends up a cesspool. When it is normal, we are healthy and happy, but if you allow it to stagnate, get ready for all the poisons to decay into your bloodstream, ferment and putrefy.


1. Poison the brain and nervous system: making you mentally depressed & irritable.

2. Poison the heart: making you weak and listless.

3. Poison the breath: so the breath is foul.

4. Poison the digestive organs: making you bloated and distresses.

5. Poison the blood: making your skin look unhealthy and sallow.

In a nutshell, every aspect of the body is poisoned and you end up looking & feeling old, ageing before your time, getting stiff joints, a sluggish brain, dull eyes and generally lose the joy of living. In truth, any way you look at it, the effect today’s modern lifestyle is having on our digestive system is causing us terrible problems.