Many studies are now strongly supporting the fact that certain probiotics (good bugs) are helping to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

This is very early days for the scientific world and will take some time to be recognised.

We can’t say too much about stress at this stage, however it’s our personal belief that there is a direct link between the gut and brain and more important than ever to maintain a healthy digestion (colon, bowel).

How to manage stress.

We encounter stress every day but it is important to learn to control it.

Ever wondered when you are stressed why your stomach can get butterfly’s or tied in knots? This is because stress affects your digestive system which, in turn slows it down and results in compromising the health of your friendly bacteria.

The Yoghurt Capsule will help replace any of the friendly bacteria destroyed by stress and whilst not removing your stress, can help in maintaining a healthy digestive system which is very important during stressful times.

Try the Yoghurt Capsule I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.