Nature's Natural Internal Helpers.

Maintain your digestive system to operate at peak performance, and enjoy all the benefits of The Yoghurt Capsule.



The "good bugs" of The Yoghurt Capsule

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus - extracts the goodness from the food we eat.
  • Lactobacillus Bifidus - extracts the toxins & wastes, removing them from the body.
  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus & Streptococcus Thermophilus - both help in the breaking down of food in both the upper and lower intestines.
We know they're good, because The Yoghurt Capsule, for over 25 years, has been proven to be one of the best probiotics and prebiotics. We offer FREE expert advice over the phone and can even take your order. Buy Now

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Customer Testimonials

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First class service…I suffered from very bad reflux and was able to stop taking omeprazole medication. I ran out of The Yoghurt Capsule and forgot to get more and regretted it. Back onto the capsules and things improved again. I managed to get my mother onto them as well; her health has improved and an unexpected side effect is her eyesight has improved as well.


I have been taking The Yoghurt Capsule daily for some time now and find they keep me as regular as clockwork and absolutely free from any digestive problems. It is my intention to continue with these supplements.


I have been taking The Yoghurt Capsule…for over 10 years. Excellent product, so helpful over phone with any questions I had over the years.


I have been taking The Yoghurt Capsule for approximately 15 years. By chance, I came across it via a leaflet in my letterbox and thought I’d give it a shot. I’d for years suffered severe pains in my upper stomach area that doctors couldn’t work out the cause. After approximately 3 months, the pains disappeared and I’ve not had them since. I’m now too scared to stop taking the The Yoghurt Capsule! It is also great for women’s issues, such as thrush. I’ve not had that since taking the capsule.


Having just completed a 3 month supply, my husband, who was a sceptic in the beginning, has concluded that he wishes to continue because of the obvious positive results! Believe me when I say “that is amazing” as he is very hard to persuade to try new possibilities and so I am very grateful to have found something that helps his health in a non-invasive way. Thank you!


I cannot praise The Yogurt Capsules enough. I have been taking them for several years now and hardly suffer with IBS or Diverticulitis anymore. The services you receive through the ordering system is quick, efficient and easy. They are a wonderful organisation to deal with. I highly recommend them.